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OK people

This is not the first time that things weren't working out in the Kingdom. In the past we would get together and start making things happen. . 
How do we stop it? We start arranging activities. Hear are some things we could do.

Start organizing Quests. 
A Quest with stations or a free roving adventure quest allows for role playing and performing. We used to have nighttime Quest which allowed for a lot of fun. One of my favorite memories was being a dryad and dancing in the moonlight and coming back in the morning and discovering a true fairy ring of mushrooms had grown up where I had been dancing. 

A Quest can teach the values we think are important. 

We can do spectacles. How many of you have seen the Movie Elizabeth it has a group of people entertaining the Queen by dressing up with ships about their waist and some of them being Spanish and an English pirate attacking them. The ladies waved lengths of blue and green and white cloth to make waves. The poetry was horrid but it was funny. 

we used to do things like that between rounds at list. 

We can arranged `"Walk abouts" 
this is when you take an epic or group of stories and set up little shows telling part of the story and take people around in groups to see the whole tale. 

We can put on Bardic revels. What makes a "Bardic Revel" different than a circle. You make it a whole experience. We used to have them in Namron. We had a Valentine Fete. People came in and were met by the Master of Ceremonies who "explained" the meaning of the colors they were wearing. We had a little play and planned performances on the theme of the evening and some dancing in between. 

We can put on Shows. this concept is sort of self evident. 

We can support groups that are planning to do more by taking up their themes and getting people  excited. One of the main reasons "theme" event fail is people don't know much about the Theme. IF we do works that give them insights into the cultures that are being studied or the activity that is being done then they take an active part.

In the "ancient" days of the SCA the populace took an active part and did things. A good part of the entertainment at an event was watch individuals interact. I get the impression that lots of our members are lacking information about their personas cultures. I think most of us are so busy that they don't have the time to find good information. I also believe that the scholarly documentation mavins have made people afraid that they will not find valid research materials. If we expose people to period sources from various cultures then they can learn about the cultures the same way children learned in the past. 

I have read in period books advise given to young people to listen to the stories of the past and to seek out the bard. 

These are a few things we can do.  

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