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Mon Apr 21 22:15:49 PDT 2008

I’m glad you all see this as something important in one way or another.  This isn’t a
  “single hair from an ox’s back” though.
   I’m not having a bad time or I wouldn’t be here.  What I see is other people
          having a bad time and I feel duty bound to each of us here in this vast kingdom.
   If the pot wasn’t stirred up a bit from time to time, it would burn and ruin.  
  Don’t paint the mountains red because the river foiled you.  You keep on playing and I’ll
  keep on stirring up all of you with this or that.  I’m complicated and I figured you would 
  be used to it by now.  ^_^  But know this: if it weren’t a problem  for enough people, I 
  wouldn’t be “unfolding the map to reveal the dagger” here on you all.  The fact is that my
  piece is true and it always will be in one way or another.  I was always taught by people 
  like Antigonus, Gunar, Sven, Master Robin, and Duchess Willow (please forgive my 
  spelling if I skewer your names) that it was our responsibility to keep it from staying that
  way.  I suppose that it is an unending battle but the banality seems worse than ever to me.
  Maybe I missed the last cycle of weirdness but that’s no reason not to get fired up, is it?
  As for what I’m doing (at the baby’s whim):
  1. I’m practicing my leatherworking
  2. Further researching period Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean stories to tell people at 
  spring faire
  3. Stirring up things and looking for a way to make it into an amusing spectacle.
  4. Trying to get my traveling period puppet show ready for Warlord
  5. Trying to find some new “periodish” bard-games for our aspiring young performers.
  6. Trying to get the lantern for our last firewalker and trying to get the next firewalker
  competition ready
   Miscreant at Large,
  Lady Xue XianXian

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