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tis is a wonderful song. It would be wonderful if we could learn to sing it. I don't know the tune

Steppes Traveling Song

                By: Annes Clotilde Von Babenburg

         CHORUS - repeat after each verse
            | Traveling down the road so weary-       |
            | On my way to tourney-home,              |
            | There I'll meet my friends so cheery-   |
            | There I'll need no longer roam.         |

         For I heard the message across the land
         Almost 'twas like a sor'cers demand,
         For great was the need of a fighter's sword,
         "Come everyone to Steppes Warlord!"

         And the people came from miles around-
         Emptying villages, emptying towns,
         To see the crest fight on the field of glory-
         To hear the fair maidens sing of their sweet story.

         And the smell of roast meats did flavor the air-
         The populance had neither worry nor care-
         Drinking sweet mead from the Baron's own horde-
         And glad that they came to Steppes Warlord!

         Vast were the wares that the merchant's had sold.
         Inmann is Warlord, he's brave and he's bold.
         The moon in the skies showed a bright pearly light,
         And laughter and singing went on through the night!

         Now the tourney has ended, and I'm on my way-
         Back home to Stargate, but let me just say-
         How it saddened my heart when the last glass was poured-
         I'm glad that I journeyed to Steppes Warlord!!

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