[Bards] Dream? What Dream? Did you see a Dream? I know I didn't!

Genie Barrett ladymaggie at justinanimator.com
Mon Apr 21 14:45:32 PDT 2008

At 01:54 PM 4/21/2008, you wrote:
>C) And perhaps the hardest of all for me.  I will take a break from 
>Titled Bardic competitions.  I will focus my energy on teaching and 
>entertaining instead of competing all the time.

But...  Wait...  Follow that commitment after Castellon...  GRIN

Thank you Robin for your comments about Glaslyn.  I love that event 
more every time I go to it.

Robin said:
OF COURSE the dream is dying.  The dream is *always* dying.  This is, 
after all, an organization founded on the desire to do things that 
died away over four centuries ago.

I feel that you will see exactly what you LOOK FOR in anything you 
do.  If you are looking for friends and camaraderie, you will find 
it.  If you look for offense, you will find it.  So, don't look.

As for me...

A)  Fight at least once every week, from now on...

B)  Translate another Chinese poem and memorize it before Squires and Cadets

C)  Spend more time at every event serving.  Marshal, herald, give 
something up for my daughter to do archery, or any of a hundred other options.

D)  Write a ballad about an SCA hero or five.

In Service,
Maggie MacPherson
Northkeep Bard 
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