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I love this idea!

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> We might even save a free days in the year for secondary event. For
> example the weekend after the War for a welcome home revel or the weekend
> during Pensic or the weekend just before Christmas. These would be days that
> all groups could have secondary events.
> I've been away from the SCA so long that I might as well be starting over
again. Every one has been so helpful.

I remember many a revel - for no apparent reason! Of course, this was a
decade ago, and I've allowed that people change. I wanted my kids to
experience a bardic circle, fighter practise, random revels, open library,
etc.....my daughter is interested in cooking - a guild that deals with food
would suit her fine. I happen to love costuming and I remember getting with
others to combine ideas and notes. Caligraphers, and then of course the
gamers guild. I was a bit disappointed that there is much less now that long
ago. Tell me what I can do to get a regular Bardic Circle going! Is there an
informal Feast-o-crats guild.................... Need more input!

We're out here on the frontlines
So sleep in peace tonite
"American Soldier" by Toby Keith
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