[Bards] Never try to out-angst a Welshman:

Esther reese_esther at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 22 20:10:59 PDT 2008

Sorry, I don't buy you're truly Welsh. Too many vowels, not enough constants.



peterschorn at pdq.net wrote:   My soul is black
 Black with despair
 Black as the formerly-green woods of Cynan Vale
 For the clangor of commerce
 And the soot of ill-will
 And the clear-cutting and subsequent erosion of unreturned (why will no one return them?) e-mails
 Have driven from my soul the green leaves of hope
 Driven from it the chirruping songbirds of joy
 Driven from it the furry little woodland creatures with big brown eyes, of compassion.
 The world has gone strange to me.
 Lo, it understandeth me not
 Understandeth not the sensiteve poet
 Understandeth not the cultured Welshman
 For it thinketh an Eisteddfod is an agricultural implement
 It holdeth that Llwyarch Hen is something like a Rhode Island Red.
 The world is strange
 People are strange
 When you're a stranger
 Faces look ugly
 When you're alone.
 Yes, that's Welsh.
 Or at least it should be
 If the world were as it should be
 Or as it should have been
 But never was.
 But it is not, wasn't, and never will be.
 Wherefore I sing:
 Woe, me.
 Woe, you.
 Woe, they.
 Woe, hossie.

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