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>Where do I look for a job description and requirements?  I can't seem
>to find any description on the web site.


Ihon replies:
Here's what I wrote when I took the job:

The mission of the DMoAS for Bardic and Performance is to encourage bardic
and performance art.  That mission is shared with the Kingdom Bard, should
she or he accept it -- indeed, it is shared with every bard (especially
titled bards) and performer in Ansteorra -- the difference being that the
DMoAS is accountable and should be intentional.

Accordingly it is the duty and responsibility of the person holding the
office to seek out ways to improve bardic and performance art within the
kingdom.  Again, I suggest that is a role we all share, the difference being
that of accountability and intentionality.

In my case, as a laurel I also have the ability to act as your voice among
those who are entrusted with kingdom and interkingdom competitions and who
strive for some uniformity and predictability in judging competitions.

As you no doubt notice, these are fairly global and general responsibilities
and duties.  Neither Mistress Gwyneth nor I consider this a "from above"
office.   We do not deem it appropriate to take over someone else's
project(s) even when asked.  Projects ebb and flow and come and go.  Some
have terrific merit, other less.  We believe the kingdom and the projects
themselves are best served when those who have a passion for them stay in
charge.  Their authors are also probably the better people to find

Clearly, non-laurel applicants will have some limitations but fewer than you
might think given the Society MoAS's welcome to Deputies at discussions at
Gulf Wars.

" The heart of the human problem is the heart of the human." Max Lucado
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