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The song and audio files have been uploaded the the Ansteorran Bard's 
website. My thanks to Mistress Rhiannon for sending me the files necessary.
You can view the page at 
In service,

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Greetings all

Several years ago, my Lady & I had the privilege of attending a Coronation
at Caerphilly Castle in Wales.  As if a coronation in a 13th c castle was
not enough, during the festivities, the entire assembly stood and sang an
anthem to Drachenwald (to the tune of Men of Harlech, as it happens).   It
was one of the most moving  occasions in my SCA life.  Ever since that time,
I've had a dream that Ansteorrans might all join voices around a song -- one
that every Ansteorran knows and that captures the essence of our glorious
Kingdom. I believe *Stand Brother Stand* is such an anthem.  It is my hope
that all of Ansteorra might learn this piece to inspire hearts and minds,
especially on the fields at Gulf War.

*Stand Brother Stand* was written by Mistress Eleanor Fairchild, a daughter
of Ansteorra.  She has granted leave to reproduce her piece to several of
us.  You will find sheet music and lyrics in Voices of the Star Vol. I
(compiled by HL Alden Drake).  Mistress Riannon Redwulf will be providing a
link to the song, itself.  I've put the lyrics and music into NoteWorthy
file.  (a free player is available on line).  It you would like a copy,
write me an email at --  jhirling at gmail dot com -- and I will attach it
to a reply.

What say you Ansteorra?  Can we do this?

Ihon Vinson macFergus, OL
Kingdom Bard
Deputy MoAS for Bardic & Performance
Lord of Stargate

p.s. The music is in B flat, a key difficult for those of us that lack
Mistress Eleanor's beautiful soprano voice.  E seems to be a more
comfortable key for we common folk :)
" When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by
one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle." Edmund Burke
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