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I was acting as the MC at the feast portion of the competition and introduced a performer for each course.

Unfortunatly due to the long narrowness of the hall, many towards the back missed the performances.

Ah well, live and learn I suppose.

I want to also take this opportunity to once again appoligize for the changes in location and format that happened suddenly and unexpectedly. It was my first attempt at running a competition and I was unprepared for some surprises, one of which was the sheer number of competitors this year which was a good surprise! :)

I learned a lot and now know which things I would keep or change for future competitions were I to run one again.

Thank you all again for your patience,

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Lady Mea  and all that performed at Candlemas
I truly loved your performances. Mea I loved your voice. Drat you! for beating me. I was ruined by Lord Charles piece. He had me laughing so much I almost could perform. I love Adelaide now Voianta?? 
The wind made performing very hard. 
I missed the saga. When was it done?

I didn't pick up my sheets. I usually get upset at their comments but did they judge heavy on documentation?

Also was there anyone given introductions or acting as the MC at the feast. I was at the back of hall and only caught the last stanza of your song.

I would ask a question of all of you. How many of you performed outside of the competition?
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