[Bards] bardic wesbite updates

Alden Drake alden_drake at sbcglobal.net
Thu Feb 7 15:57:08 PST 2008

did a few updates.

Added Stand Brother Stand (words and MP3s) to Eleanor Fairchild's page.
Cleaned up some bad links page.
Added the bardic email list signup address to the links page.
Added several SCA kingdoms links, and a couple others of interst to the links page.
Added Redwolf Songbook to files page.
Added Robin of Gilwell as Bard of Elfsea for 2007.
Added Eleanor Cleavely in Elfsea to list of bards by branch (contacts).
Added Ulf Gunnarson page and works to the bards list (finally!).
Replaced link to Ragnar Ulfgarsson's page on bards list.

To Do:
Add Galen of Bristol page and works to the bards list
Make a fortune.


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