[Bards] Now, for something (almost) completely different

Esther reese_esther at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 7 08:32:10 PST 2008

Remember the CD thread discussion? Try going to www.ravenboymusic.com, where you will find some great, great SCA performers. (Now sworn entirely off using the word "Bard", though Bardish is great. Especially on horses.)
  Lisa and Ken Theriot were two of the stellar performers at the 12th Night entertainment, and I was thrilled, as I've been a fan of theirs for years. I subscribe to an Internet Radion service -- pay for it, too -- in part to hear their repetoire. I now have a CD, and am saving pennies to buy more. They are in San Antonio! They are looking at having a house concert in Austin after Gulf War, and Lisa told me they  host a monthly shindig of performance and such on a Friday. Am trying to find out more!
  Seriously, the performances at 12th Night Steppes and Elfsea were all just right, just wonderful, just GRAND!

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