[Bards] Bardic at Candlemas!

Thomas gemartt at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 31 08:42:00 PST 2008

Greetings All, 

I'd like to invite everyone to compete for the honor
of being the next Bard of Bryn Gwlad at Candlemas
this Saturday!  The year is 890 and this will be 
a gathering of Anglo-Saxons and Danes.  Two pieces 
in different styles will be required; one must match
the theme of Alfred the Great.   For more information, 
please see our website:

One of the ways we honor our champions in Bryn Gwlad
is to comp their site fees at our events for a year. 
Their names are published regularly in our monthly 
newsletter and there are also prizes.   I hope you'll 
please consider competing for these honors and adding 
to this historic occasion!  

 Baron of Bryn Gwlad

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