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Darlene Vandever annescvb at gmail.com
Sun Jan 6 12:15:31 PST 2008

Very good questions...here are a few of my initial thoughts

Someone who *only* tells "No sh-t, there I was stories" is not really a
bard. Neat person perhaps, but not a bard.

Someone who has only 5 or 6 pieces that they can call on, all in one venue
(such as myself) not necessarily documentable or original might be a
beginning bard but not an intermediate or advanced bard *even* if they can
claim to have been titled bard of some group (I can claim two and still
should be considered "beginning")

Someone who can pull out 4 or more pieces in two or more venues, some of
which are documentable and some original, might be considered intermediate
OR might be considered "advanced" *If* they can also claim as being named
the titled bard of at least one group.

Someone who has 6 or more good documentable pieces in two or more venues,
both original and period, might be considered as "advanced" wheather or not
they have been the titled bard of a group...but definately considered
advanced if they have been titled bard of a group. Those who are "advanced"
should also be willing and demonstrate a willingness to share/teach those
who are not of their stature.

Now these folks at *all* levels should be able to judge the mood of the
audience; know how to graciously give the circle to another and not
monopolize it; how to help others who may be shy of performing to have the
courage to come forward and share before they are considered as a "bard"
"skald" or any other appellation.

On the subject of do we want it; who will decide on the organization and who
would judge it, that is a whole other subject.

I think that people do desire some critieria to judge themselves by if not
to be judged by other persons. A loosely organized criteria such as I
describe above might serve that purpose.

I think that the final organization and who would put it into action should
be part of the duties of the Kingdom Bard.

Drawbacks can be many if the criteria is too draconian or unfairly applied
or not well communicated or not well administered. Kingdom Bards (being
people after all...I know...hard to believe) come to the title with
individual foibles and faults. Some can sing up a storm; know how to inspire
an entire kingdom and couldn't organize their way out of a paper bag and
have no desire to do so! Others have already overcommitted themselves and
have little to no time to do more than follow the Crown and be their/our

So however it may or may not transpire, it has many possiblities for both
good and bad.
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