[Bards] Standards

Ulf Gunnarsson ulfie at cox.net
Sun Jan 6 22:14:26 PST 2008

Master Ihon wrote:

> 1.  Would you like to see 'standards' for bards?

I hate to "Me, too" on emails, but I have to agree strongly with some of
the sentiment that has already been expressed here today.  But, being
long-winded, I'll take a shot at saying it in my own words...

The standards for bards and performers in the S.C.A. are already exactly
what they were in period.  How often are you asked to perform by others
and who is doing the asking?

If you are asked to perform at feasts or Ladies Teas, you probably have
some skill.  Or at least one great piece.  If you are asked to perform
around most campfires when any bardic breaks out, you've shown ability.
At least, you have to those doing the asking.  If they are only from
your own group or household, you may need to expand your venues a
little. Or branch out on your repertoire.

The biggest thing is: are you happy with the audience and atmosphere of
the places you are asked to perform at?  If not, find a couple of other
bards and ask for some serious criticism.  You may long to be the
troubadour that soulfully croons to the Ladies by the Field... but your
pieces are coming out more like a Viking funeral festival.  This means
either find the pieces right for you, polish the pieces you have, or
start drinking mead and saying "Ja-ja".

And if you *are* happy with your current audiences, do not let anyone
convince you that you are not good enough because you lack an award or a
rank or have performed at such-and-such.  The people you perform for
appreciate you and in any Society that is a very high rank indeed.

Master Ulf

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