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  Objective crieria, check.
  But is it GOOD?
  I can rattle off the nordic stuff, and can tell you more about Dante and terze rime than you ever want to know, and I can write it correctly, BUT -- my stuff STINKS.

Cisco Cividanes <engtrktwo at gmail.com> wrote:
  Okay, this is be brainstorming... and little more.

The major practical problem with standards is the criteria. Frankly 
bardic has a large and powerful subjective element to it.

However, what if we were to offer 'certifications' for proficiency in 
things that are highly *objective* in their nature.

An example would be a certification that someone has demonstrated the 
knowledge of the accepted roles of nordic Scalds in the early part of 
the middle ages, including the basic methods for the construction of 
their proes, as well as some select examples of recorded Scandinavian 
law that we know Scads were expected to memorize.

any example would be demonstrating a working knowledge of 15 century of 
the 15th century Troubadour and his role within a society. This could 
include showing basic knowledge of composition, and what were his 
traditional performance venues.

What does this accomplish? you might ask.

Well, for starters, it establishes a cookie system to reward and 
acknowledge people who take the time to learn historical, factual material.

Through this... it helps to raise the average knowledge of the history 
of our trade within the SCA performing arts. That is always a good thing.

also, I hope I'm not going out on a limb with this, but I believe that 
when a person increases their knowledge about the culture that they are 
playing, the quality of their performances benefits as well.

Saying someone is a good bard is always a risky proposition for obvious 
Saying someone has demonstrated working knowledge about the Scald, the 
Troubadour, the minstrel and the 15th century English court poet, those 
are objective demonstrations of knowledge that help to show that that 
individual HAS taken the time to learn something about his trade. These 
are things to be recognized, and be proud of in and of themselves.

As for the pratical end of this... namely logistics, no, this wont be an 
easy thing to do.

However, setting and implementing any form of standards is no small task 
either, so I submit that this is a comparable topic in terms of workload.

The truth be told, however, such a system could be created where the 
initial investment of time and energy is high, but after that, the 
information and paperwork need only be kept in a box.

One possible format is this:

a written test taken before a facilitator. say 20 questions, 1 hour. Not 
unlike a herald's warenting class and test in many ways. The tests would 
be 20 questions selected at random from a list of maybe a hundred, or 
something like that. The questions would have to be researched, 
documented and formulated, meaning that to make the master test would be 
like writing a research paper. Each test would cover a specific 
historical element of performing arts, as mentioned above.

BTW: Historical also includes the history of SCA bardic. How many 
people know who the first titles bard in the SCA was, or who the first 
kingdom bard in the SCA was, or even what kingdom was the first to have 
a titled Bard? I don't know any of that myself.

In reality, something like this would require someone to volunteer to 
make a test up, and then submit it with documentation to the KMoAS or 
the appropriate deputy for review. After that, the test could be 
administered by anyone the KMoAS wants.

anyway, thats my theory...I'm just talking.
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