[Bards] What is a bard?

Ulf Gunnarsson ulfie at cox.net
Mon Jan 7 16:54:21 PST 2008

Master Robin wrote:

> Similarly, we're working backwards.  We can't define a bard in words and 
> then use that definition to determine if somebody is a bard.

I think the biggest hindrance here is the word "bard".  An historical
title was given to an action happening in the S.C.A. many years ago and
we are trying to retro-document the term to apply to the action.

I found the use of the term "Kumquat" hilarious and an appropriate
illustration of this. About the closest term that works is
"performer"... well, no.  Some bards write poetry for their newsletter
and never perform it.  Hmmm...  Okay, I'm a Kumquat.  But I cannot think
of anyway to tell if I'm a third degree banana kumquat or a double
raspberry kumquat.  But I do get asked to perform for several bananas
and sometimes get a raspberry or two.


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