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  Maybe bard means "etymologist".
  Your spelling may vary.

"Manners, Tabitha" <tabitha.manners at okstate.edu> wrote:
  Huzzah for that last definition. I'm afraid I have seen that definition applied or at least it's sentiment. (I believe someone else had already posted the dictionary definitions for us)

The interesting thing about this discussion is that we are trying to define something that has been stated to be practically indefinable. The 'bards' of Ansteorra aren't limited to lyric poetry and void of anything else. In my opinion, we are the ones who define what we are to the general populace. They see what we portray and share and from that form an opinion of what a bard is or should be. My opinion of the bardic craft has grown as I have seen pieces performed in a variety of forms (including dance) that portray our history or culture and help us to live the dream. The better performed pieces tend to be retained in my memory and thus knowledge of this Society grows and is passed on. 

Lady Liliana

>>Frankly I don't care what Bard means in Ancient Ireland. It's what
>>it means NOW in the SCA usage which is NOT common modern usage. It
>>has broader connotations in the community of bards, and sometimes
>>narrower ones out there including the people who define bards as 'that
>>pompous group of pains in the posterior over there.'
>>~Svetlana Andrejevna Volkova
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