[Bards] An Unfortunate Accident

Quill gray.quill at gmail.com
Sat Jun 7 18:08:10 PDT 2008

To Lyneya, and to all lists concerned.

Wow, that was an unfortunate accident! I did exactly the same thing -
clicked "reply" and accidentally sent my dumb reply/question to everyone on
every list, rather than just to the individual who initially sent this
invitation. It's an honest mistake to make, I hope no serious repercussions
shall follow. Publicly or privately, we should always laud someone who
shares their thoughts honestly and respectfully with only care for another
person in mind.

I appreciate this concern for myself and my reputation. In truth, I am (I
think) well familiar with these "rabble rousers" as it were. Indeed, I
consider Duchess Willow to be a prized patron of mine - for reasons which
are satisfactory and private. The name "Goliard" is unfamiliar to me (which
is why I asked the question to begin with, though I suppose I could have
consulted Google as well); I know the one who goes by "angel in black ink"
bother personally and as one of a group in Elfsea who call themselves the
"Miscreants", which is why I was confused.

These Miscreants (as far as I know) consider me a friend, and of those I
have met - because I cannot generalize to ALL the people who are part of
this group, as I haven't made acquaintances with every one of them - are
indeed very dear to me; for the most part I of approve of their intentions,
even if I don't condone all of their actions and may sometimes shake my head
at them. I believe we need them, and their attitude and spirit. Just because
I or someone else doesn't like what they have to say doesn't mean they
shouldn't say it, and being all Bards of respectable stanidng, I've never
known any of them to say something without careful thought and skill.

I am not, however, a Miscreant myself, and personally would not like to
carry that name. (And as for "Goliards", I remain ignorant as to their
purpose for now.) Even so, I have found individuals among them worthy
friends, and will not deny myself their companionship merely because of
other's opinions. Good friends are too rare to discard so easily, and even
not-so-good friends are to be treasured.

It's a shame we can so easily be marred by association, but I accept this as
a part of human fate. I would hope that my fellow Ansteorrans and SCAdians
worldwide would judge ME by my own worth, and not by who I choose to share a
drink and a song with. Furthermore, my faith in all of you tells me it will
not be so. (Though if I'm wrong I dare you to meet me at the next event and
try to resist my charms for more than five minutes! Nevermind who my friends
are, everybody loves Me!)

With love abounding,
Lord Cuilloc
better known as Quill

On Sat, Jun 7, 2008 at 12:04 PM, Susan McMahill <sueorintx at hotmail.com>

> My sincerest apologies. This was supposed to be private. My opinions are my
> own and I take responsibility for them. I am sincerely sorry for any I may
> have offended with this post..
> Lyneya de Grey
> Well-behaved women Seldom make history - Laurel Thatcher Ulrich
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