[Bards] And now for something completely different....

Brigdon, Floyd brigdon at tvcc.edu
Wed Jun 11 19:40:42 PDT 2008

... a sonnet that I wrote today.There are two couplets at the end as I have not yet decided which I like better. Your feedback and critique (whether positive or negative) is most welcomed and encouraged.

     A bard's job

Life is complicated when you're a bard
For there are so many things you must do.
You have to learn songs (and sometimes that's hard)
About many kinds of things old and new.

You have to know the history of the land
And spin tales of the deeds that were done there.
You must write verse, either simple or grand,
And you must show, with wit beyond compare,

How the world might be changed for the better.
A bard's task, as one of the people's voices,
Is to help through troubled times and, whether
Through tears or smiles, remind all of their choices.

But, most of all, a bard's main job is just
To speak truly and earn the people's trust.


But a bard's most important job, I think,
After he is done is to enjoy a drink.

     Thank you.


     Milo le Roux
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