[Bards] What would you be doing today in persona

Cynthia Rogers wolfpaws at mac.com
Sun Mar 23 18:13:31 PDT 2008

Duchess Willow,

How kind of you to inquire about our Easter day.

Certainly I cannot complain. The day went well overall, though like  
you, we broke our Lenten fast with venison this year. It is always a  
hardship when Easter falls early. We have not quite started into  
lambing season. It was the cold winter I am sure, though the herdsman  
says it was the phase of the moon.

There was one good dish of beef on the table for the high-feast at  
noon though. I must admit we cut it very fine this year on the number  
of kine we wintered over for the table. I had only the one poor beast  
left-- certainly if the harvest is good this year, I'll put back an  
extra animal or twain for wintering over next year. (Of course we had  
the breeding stock, but I would not touch them unless times were very  
bad indeed.)

It rained all the day and was cold, so after the mass and the feast,  
I'm sorry to say there was much over-indulgence in the hall. Somehow  
the villagers manage to have barley enough left no matter how long  
the winter! The Saxon alewife in the village, whose turn it was for  
brewing for sale, agreed to put up extra tuns for us at the castle.

The feast was certainly merry while it lasted.  But I must admit,  
though we started the day all in bright clothes, by Vespers it was a  
different sight to be seen. Even I got a bit of goose grease on my  
new bliaut off one of the spit dogs. It burned its paw in the  
kitchen, but when the spit boys daubed it with grease to heal it, the  
hounds came out from under the tables to slaver the poor thing down  
with their great tongues. The little spit dog ran under my gown with  
the rest of the pack right behind it. Well, certainly that will be a  
tale that will be told for the rest of the spring.

Perhaps next year it will be all spring flowers and beautiful singing!

By my hand,
Rhiannon Redwulf

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