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Mon May 26 13:21:12 PDT 2008

I would like to talk to everyone about Warlord. I had  a wonderful time and it stood equal to things we did in  the old days.

 During the day I interacted with the populace as a fool. I hope I was somewhat entertaining. I would like to thank all the wonderful people who came and help with the Fools Processional. 

I really enjoyed the flag wavers. Her Excellency of Steppes has stated she would like to see a group of people with flags like those who start the Carnival parades in Venice. I think flags being thrown in the air and swirled would really add to our crown's entrance at Gulf War. I am looking for people with that kind of experience.

I had a wonderful time at Lord Svan's and Lady Kathryn wedding.The Wedding service was touching. Master Ulf was inspiring. The Food was wonderful and the wedding feast grand. What were the names of the cooks again. The serving was wonderful and I have had few time better sitting at the head table.  

I was so glad that the Bardic was moved back to the evening. There were 25 performers and they were wonderful. I had forgotten my Largess box or I would have given something to the lady who sang the beautiful 11 Th century song and the lovely red head who did the piece about a Baron doing a good job for his people. It was dark and I was not feeling well so I forgot their names. Can anyone give me their names?

It was a wonderful Bardic and stands shoulder to shoulder with what has been done in the past and now those of you that were there have a story to tell the young people in the years to come about "how it was in the old days."

On Bardic row which seemed to have all the performers camp sites a party went up and down the row with lots of fun and very little mundanity. I was not forced to deal with the modern world even once. I was very unhappy that my health forced me to leave but it was almost 2:00 when I got to a clock and that is late enough. How long did it last after I left?

So all in all I played late on Friday and late on Sat and then because I am an old women I had to give up but I thank all the people in Steppes for putting on the event and all you light hearted people for playing with me. I would like to thank the Baroness of the Steppes and the officers and leaders of the Steppes for allowing me to do my silly Fool thing. I had  a wonderful time and have another memory to torment people with.

Duchess Willow de Wisp

The Old Women in the Woods

I don't want a Dream. I want the reality of Ansteorra


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