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Your Grace,

I missed the flag wavers and all that.  However, I was
a flag girl in High School in the Marching Band and
would love to help out with training.  I couldn't
actually be at gulf Wars because of Tax season - I
work for H&R Block.  But I would definitely be able to
help with the training and stuff.  Please let me know
if there's anything I can do.

Lady Maria
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> I would like to talk to everyone about Warlord. I
> had  a wonderful time and it stood equal to things
> we did in  the old days.
>  During the day I interacted with the populace as a
> fool. I hope I was somewhat entertaining. I would
> like to thank all the wonderful people who came and
> help with the Fools Processional. 
> I really enjoyed the flag wavers. Her Excellency of
> Steppes has stated she would like to see a group of
> people with flags like those who start the Carnival
> parades in Venice. I think flags being thrown in the
> air and swirled would really add to our crown's
> entrance at Gulf War. I am looking for people with
> that kind of experience.
> I had a wonderful time at Lord Svan's and Lady
> Kathryn wedding.The Wedding service was touching.
> Master Ulf was inspiring. The Food was wonderful and
> the wedding feast grand. What were the names of the
> cooks again. The serving was wonderful and I have
> had few time better sitting at the head table.  
> I was so glad that the Bardic was moved back to the
> evening. There were 25 performers and they were
> wonderful. I had forgotten my Largess box or I would
> have given something to the lady who sang the
> beautiful 11 Th century song and the lovely red head
> who did the piece about a Baron doing a good job for
> his people. It was dark and I was not feeling well
> so I forgot their names. Can anyone give me their
> names?
> It was a wonderful Bardic and stands shoulder to
> shoulder with what has been done in the past and now
> those of you that were there have a story to tell
> the young people in the years to come about "how it
> was in the old days."
> On Bardic row which seemed to have all the
> performers camp sites a party went up and down the
> row with lots of fun and very little mundanity. I
> was not forced to deal with the modern world even
> once. I was very unhappy that my health forced me to
> leave but it was almost 2:00 when I got to a clock
> and that is late enough. How long did it last after
> I left?
> So all in all I played late on Friday and late on
> Sat and then because I am an old women I had to give
> up but I thank all the people in Steppes for putting
> on the event and all you light hearted people for
> playing with me. I would like to thank the Baroness
> of the Steppes and the officers and leaders of the
> Steppes for allowing me to do my silly Fool thing. I
> had  a wonderful time and have another memory to
> torment people with.
> Duchess Willow de Wisp
> The Old Women in the Woods
> I don't want a Dream. I want the reality of
> Ansteorra
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