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Fri Oct 31 07:16:31 PDT 2008

Greetings all

Eisteddfod will be held at Central Region 12th Night.  We will begin at
10:30 am - assuming no conflict with morning court.

The first round will be the piece you consider your best.  Depending on the
number of competitors, some or all will move on to the second round.

In order to win, one of your pieces must be an SCA or Ansteorran piece
(original or otherwise) and one of your pieces must have brief
documentation.  A suggested outline can be found below.

Yes -- your best piece can be your SCA/Ansteorran and/or your documented

I advise preparing at least three pieces - more may be necessary.

Warm regards,
Premier Bard of Ansteorra

*Outline for Eisteddfod Documentation:*

              I.      Basic information

a.        For non-original pieces:

                                                               i.      Title

                                                              ii.      Date

                                                            iii.      Area
of origin

b.       For original pieces

                                                               i.      Title

                                                              ii.      Period
(century) upon which the piece is based

                                                            iii.      Area
where the style would have been heard/seen

*Note: all this could be part of the title of your documentation:  e.g. Upon
a Dead Man's Head: A poem by the English poet, John Skelton ca.1498 *or* My
Superior Poem, an original Sonnet based on the English form utilized
**by **William
Shakespeare* (1564 – 1616)* .*

            II.      The elements of the piece that were characteristic in
period - e.g.  this original song utilizes a two rhyming couplets followed
by a nonsense chorus as one might find in *The Famous Ratcatcher*,  earliest
know printing, 1615.

         III.      Some short discussion of what make your piece a
'standout' in preparation or performance e.g. The piece requires exceptional
breath control and exhibits difficult changes in pitch and meter [*assuming
it does*] *or* While Middle English would have been easily understood by the
original auditors, it was necessary to seek a balance between the original
pronunciation and what is accessible to the modern ear.

          IV.      At least two resources - please do not use Wikipedia

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