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Wed Sep 17 00:44:43 PDT 2008

If you were planning on going to Elfsea but now are disappointed think about Hunter's Moon in Waco/Emerald Keep.
When: Oct. 17-19
Where: Camp Hope (formerly Camp Val Verde) just outside Waco, TX on Hwy 84
See this month's BlackStar or go to: http://emerald-keep.ansteorra.org/Hunters%20Moon.htm

This is their Non calender event that their traditional second event went to. Because it is a non-calendar event that means no official business.

His Grace and I have been asked to be King and Queen of the Harvest. This means short courts and  as much fun as we can manage. We welcome persona games and envoys from strange groups. Write me if you want to do something fun. 

Persona is welcomed. 

They have lots of fun things planned 
We will be having a "Ladies Pavilion" and I hope all of you ladies will put on your finery and sit with the Ladies of Emerald keep. Bring things to give away. Did you know that chocolate is the "coin of the realm" sine the third King, Sir Jan declared it so. Last Ladies Pavilion we discovered that fighters like chocolate given to 
them by ladies. 

All you unmarried Ladies and Gentlemen this is a wonderful way to get to know each other. It is the "proper" place to flirt between us married people. Remember the perfect "Courtly love" is pure. 

The Emerald keep people are trying something new. it is a Trash and Treasures" contest. Sometime in you life you found something that you think is "period". This is the contest to bring it to. 

You bring something you bought or acquired some way. It should not be made by you and you need to tell us if you modified it. You should tell us why you think it is period. 

I have been working on this and I found it hard to find documentation. . I am going to have to just wing it. I am putting in three pieces and I am afraid for one I am going to have to say "i was it in a book but can't find the book". The others I have pictures of similar items sold at auctions houses as period. This is the first time this kind of thing has been tried so just do your best. I am bringing extra prizes for the best BS and for the best documentation. 

This a fun competition intended  for all of us "treasure finders" to show off our stuff and get bragging rights. I know I will be envious of every ones finds, The Official rules will be out soon but I will be coming with Largess to give to my favorites

Harvest time is time of good cheer so please come and celebrate with Emerald Keep

Duchess Willow de Wisp 
Lady of the Harvest at Hunter's Moon\

Remember it is the duty of all Lords and Ladies to give out Largess.
Paid announcement of the Old Queen's Bards. 



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