[Bards] How Ladies saved the kingdom in the days of the First King.

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Fri Sep 26 03:41:47 PDT 2008

My fellow Ansteorrans 

I am so excited. I just found out some of the things that "ladies" can do at Hunters' Moon in Waco.

First they just told me about "Earl". It appears that Earl the Dummy has been a bad boy so the Ladies at Hunter's  Moon will be hurling cast iron skillets at him. 

Did you know defending our lands with skillets is long honored custom of Ansteorran Ladies?

When Duke Jonathan was the first king of Ansteorra he also the First Protector of Namron. When the second tourney came about the members of the the Protectorate  decide to fight among themselves to see who was the best and that person would be the Grand Master. Well Master Loyd became the second Protector. The fight was to take place on Sunday. 

Yes, children we did things on Sunday at that time

His Majesty ,Sir Jonathan de Laufyson and Maser Lloyd got up at dawn to warm up for their fight. They got ready for their fight by fighting each other.

I was there drinking my morning ale -coffee and other ladies were up and about starting morning breakfast. We heard shouting on the beach and looked down to see a Viking ship with Laughing Vikings.

The Viking  were happy because they knew that they would take everyone by surprise. They stopped laughing when they realize that the two lone men on the beach in armor were the two Premier fighters of the Kingdom. The man who was King and the man who would be the next. 

Ten of the evil Vikings engaged Sir Jonathan and Master LLoyd and the rest led by Yona ran after the women. They chased them up the hill until the Ladies got to their campsites. Baroness Gweneth grabbed a frying pan and the other Ansteorran ladies did the same and then they charged the Norsemen. 

Yona and the others froze in their tracks. Then they turned and fled down the hill only to be grabbed by the ladies and  hit over and over by their weapons. They called to me. As I was the pile of weapons my husband and brother had bought down to play with. I grabbed a SCA legal dagger and while the ladies bought down the marauders I calmly sat on their chest and slit their throats.

So I say it is good that the Ladies of Emerald Keep are keeping their skills up with their chosen weapon and it would do us all good to try our hand.

Duchess Willow de Wisp 


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