[Bards] Defenders of The Rose-Performing Arts

Brian O'hUilliam brianoftheloch at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 20:55:54 PDT 2009

This weekend, the beautiful Roses of Ansteorra are hosting a grand event
with several competitions.  On Saturday evening, they will be hosting a
competition for those in the field of Performing Arts.

Bards, poets, skalds, jugglers, dancers, musicians, actors, I call upon you
to join the Roses and entertain them, honor them, and vie for the
opportunity to join the Company of the Defenders of the Rose!

The format is an elimination tourney style so bring your best pieces.
Performers to have held this title include former Kingdom Bards and a
skilled Middle Eastern dancer.  Remember, this is the Performing Arts
Defender, not just the Bardic Defender.  Will your name be added to the list
of great performers, forever enshrined as a Defender of the

Please visit:
http://roses.ansteorra.org/Defenders%20of%20the%20Rose/Home.html for more
information on the event.

In Service,
Brian O'hUilliam
Performing Arts Defender of The Rose

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