[Bards] Eisteddfod and our New Kingdom Bard!

Mea Passavanti mea.passavanti at gmail.com
Sun Dec 6 08:00:10 PST 2009

Greetings to the Bards of this great Kingdom and beyond.

I fervently wish you had all been in attendance for this years
Eisteddfod competition. Though the numbers were not as great as in the
past, the performances proved amazing at every turn. There were six
competitors - including myself. Mistress Adalaide, Lord Goldweard,
Lord Lucas, HL. Alden and HLdy Eleanor all graced us with wonderful

Maggie had asked for favorites... there are several that stick out in
my mind that will take a much longer missive and discussion.... but

Adalaide's performance of Katherine of Aragon's final letter to Henry
brought me to tears. Goldweard's rendition of Robin Hood and the
Bishop entertained the children beautifully... Just ask M'Lady
Ainsley. Lucas... usually a booming voice with happy heart - let us
all see another side in lovely lyrical song soft and touching. Alden -
performing Dowland - never an easy choice and done beautifully!

Elanor! I'M sooo PROUD of you! For someone who has told me for YEARS
that you don't like documenting period pieces... Gave us a poem of
Elizabeth I full of emotion and passion giving a woman's heart to the
monarch who could never follow her own.

It was an Honor to join Elanor and Lucas in the Finals... and I am so
excited to tell you that Lord Lucas is our newest Premier Bard of
Ansteorra! Lucas took the bards rightful place at the side of his King
last evening after his rousing story of The William, Rachel... and the
Cardinal singing. I hope you all have the opportunity to hear is very

It was a lovely day! As we all turn to thoughts of the New Year, let
us not forget that War meets us soon. I hope that you will all be in
attendance... I also hope to see many of you at Kingdom A&S so that we
may send representatives of this community to join with our armys and
inspire them to victory!

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