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Kathy Elliott bardkat at gmail.com
Tue Feb 24 20:48:31 PST 2009

Although I am not *technically* an Ansteorran any longer, I will always 
carry the Blackstar in my heart.  I would be glad to coordinate the bardic 
circle again this year if there is still a need.  I'd truly hate to see what 
has started to become a tradition die out.  (I will be camping with friends 
in the Coastal area, as well, so I'll be close by.)

It looks like Wednesday is Ansteorran Court & Chili Party, Thursday is 
Midnight Madness & Gulf War Bardic Competition, and of course Friday is out. 
I suggest Tuesday night at 8 pm.  That will conflict with the Known World 
Barbecue, but it's not the same audience for the most part.  I didn't see 
anything else major on the schedule.

I can coordinate with Sir Godwin and TRM, and see if we can get it on the 
schedule.  I can also facilitate set up, lug chairs, create flyers to 
promote & publicize the circle, etc.

I will need help with borrowing chairs, fetching firewood, posting flyers, 
and contacting local brewers prior to the war if there is to be a tavern 
again.  And of course, we'll need performers - lots and lots of performers!

Any thoughts?

~ Kat
HL Katrina of Coventry
Former Bard of Ansteorra, now residing in Meridies

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Is anyone spearheading the annual Bardic at the Gate at Gulf Wars this year? 
I ask because I received an email notification that the Gulf War's War Bard 
Competition is being planned for Thursday, March 19th at 6pm. Last year we 
unknowingly conflicted with it and it would be good not to do that again 
this year. :)


PS: No, I'm not volunteering, sorry. :)
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