[Bards] ALL-CON 2009

Vyolante de Oporto jasiwolf at gmail.com
Fri Jan 30 10:19:46 PST 2009

Who wants to do a class at All Con?
The schedule that is already up is here - http://www.all-con.org/200
9-Crowne/forms/Schedule.pdf and they want classes and will try to work with
you on the scheduling. I would suggest not planning on going up against any
of the Rocky Horror Picture show things. Email me and I will get a list
going and then will talk with them and get back to you.
Also, please treat these classes as normal sca college style classes. If you
are uncomfortable giving the 5 minute "I am a member of the sca and incase
you don't know what the sca does...." speech I will be on site the entire
time and am more then happy to do it for you.
These classes dont have to be Arts classes! These can be any class you want
to teach - fighting, chivalric code, awards in the sca, how to bob for
apples......... how to properly hunt a bootmoose.
My goal at this con is to be a major presence - to get out there and say
first that we are an awesome group of people to be with and then this is
what we do.
I look forward to talking with everyone about this con and the classes they
want to teach!

In addition. For those not wanting to teach a class -

Volunteer through the con!

Information about volunteering can be found here -
This con does alot for us so if you can please volunteer to work with them.
They will let you be in garb and in persona as you work and most of the jobs
are like Security and running errands. It would be a great way to do two
things at once - be a presence at the con and get the word out about who we
are. :)

Lady Vyolante
Steppes Hospitaler

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