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John Hirling jhirling at gmail.com
Mon Jan 5 06:11:19 PST 2009

12th Night witnessed a most excellent competition to name Ansteorra's
Premier Bard.  The judges were joined in the first and final rounds by Their
Royal Majesties, Gunthar and Elizabeth.

16 performers entered:

Adelaide de Beaumont
Alden Drake
Antigonus Bearbait
Brian O hUilliam
Catrin ferch Malegwn
Eleanor Cleavely
Lillias MacGuffin
Loretta (from Dragonsfire Tor if memory serves me)
Lucas (Mor mac Raghnaill?)
Maggie MacPherson
Mea Passavanti
Miguel Sebastian de Oporto
Svan Coldbrows Kaldson
Tadhg MacAedain uiConchobhair, and
Vyolante de Oporto

The first round was to do one's best piece.  As noted by King Gunthar, any
of the pieces performed in this round could have won a competition.
Determining who should continue through this and each succeeding rounds was
exceedingly difficult.  But in the end, Adelaide de Beaumont and Catrin
ferch Maelgwn vied for the title.  All the judges agreed both to the winner
and to how close these two perfomers were in the competion.

Your new Premier Bard:  Catrin ferch Maelgwn

My thanks to Their Royal Majesties and to former Premier Bard HL Elinora
inghean ui Ruairc for joining me in the judging and to all who came to
support bardcraft.  Our room was filled to capacity by a most appreciative

Ihon Vinson macFergus
just another bard

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