[Bards] Bardic activities at 30th Year - finalized schedule

Catrin ferch Maelgwn ladycatrin at gmail.com
Mon Jul 6 16:07:03 PDT 2009

Good Gentles All,

If you direct your attention to the master schedule for 30th Year (
http://30th-year.ansteorra.org/schedule.php) you will find that some
previously announced bardic activities have been rescheduled.

The Friday night bardic circle will now start at 8 PM.  The children's
bardic is now scheduled for Saturday from 1-3 PM.  All other details remain
the same.

In addition, I am opening my encampment to any who wish to arrive early
Friday night for an informal bardic roundtable.  I think if we gather at 7
PM or a little earlier, that should give us enough time to chat before we
start the circle.  I don't have any particular agenda set, but all are
welcome to come ready with any topics, ideas, questions or suggestions they
might have.  One thing I would really like to discuss with people is the
idea of hosting the Eisteddfod as its own event next year.  There was a
great deal of support expressed for this idea earlier in the year, and I
believe it may be feasible if enough people pitch in and get behind it (if
so, a bid would need to be put in by September.)  Regardless, if you have
opinions about this idea one way or another, please do attend, or contact me
individually if you can't make it.  I'm also open to another gathering later
in the weekend, if there are several folks who won't be on site by Friday at

I hope everyone who's planning to come will join us for these activities.  I
sincerely look forward to enjoying the songs and tales of familiar friends,
as well as those friends whose company I may enjoy only rarely, on such
wonderful and special occasions as these.

Catrin ferch Maelgwn

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