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And to the Bards' list, in case you've sent me stuff and forgotten, I have the following on file:

Castelon - Maggie MacPherson
The Prince's Reply - Celeste Courtenay de Montmorency

A Lay for a Don - Annes Clotilde von Bamburg
An Incident at the Second Coronation of Miguel and Conal: A True Story of Fact - Emma Haldan
Borderkeep: The Dream - Brian O'hUilliam
Brothers in Arms - Elanor O'Ruark
Dark Legion - Karl Heinrich von Essweiller
Death in His Face - Serena Dominicci
For Dona Antonia - Emma Haldan
He Doth Crown - Simone Ui'Dunlaingh
I Sit Amongst the Stones - Lillias MacGuffin
Standard of Honor - Simone Ui'Dunlaingh
The Bard's Tale - Elanor O'Ruark
The Clearing - Giles Guthrie
The Light of the Shadowe - Lillias MacGuffin
Who Caught Who? - Serena Dominicci


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Greetings all,
Once again, I'm putting out the call to gather original works to publish in Voices of the Star, Volume II.  It has been a few years since I put out the last call for pieces, so hopefully some of you have been composing since then, and with luck we can get enough submissions to publish this time.

The requirements are pretty simple.  Pieces must be submitted by current/former Ansteorrans, or be written by friends from other kingdoms about Ansteorra(ns).  Pieces must be submitted to me along with a letter of permission to publish.  There is a limit of three pieces per author.  Songs, poems, and stories are all welcome!  If you send a song, please either include the tune it was based on (and corresponding composer), or if possible, please send me a copy of the sheet music to include.

In addition, original period-style line art drawings or wood block prints are also wanted for decoration.  Again, permission to publish artwork is likewise required.

If anyone has any questions about this project, feel free to contact me at this email address.  Voices of the Star, Volume I is available for download at http://bard.ansteorra.org/files.html

In service,

HL Alden Drake
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