[Bards] Bardic at Northkeep Castellan

Epperson, Sheryl eppersos at oge.com
Fri May 15 12:47:13 PDT 2009

To all who may be attending Northkeeps Castellan tourney, June 5-7.

On Saturday evening, after court, I will be sponsoring a bardic circle
in celebration of my 50th birthday.  I invite all who may be interested
in bardic to attend.  I will have small tokens of appreciation for those
who perform, and will provide some finger foods and non-alcoholic
refreshments for any who wish to partake.  Weather permitting, this will
be outside, hopefully with a campfire. 

This is not intended as a competition, or as a strictly performance
circle.  I am hoping to have a mix of performances and group singing and
story telling, as the mood of the crowd and those willing to perform or
lead songs dictates.

Annabelle Fizsimmons,
Barony of Namron

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