[Bards] Music Competition

Jeffrey Clark jmclark85 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 10:57:07 PST 2009

Greetings to the good gentles of Ansteorra!

I am hosting a music competition in a format inspired by a wonderful laurel
who's name--most unfortunately--escapes me. Hopefully--if there is enough
interest--I will keep running this competition indefinitely every so often
(every 3-5 months).

 The particulars of the competition are as follows:

1. Entires must be composed with an effort towards emulating a period style

2. There are no restrictions on instrumentation, and entries may either be
instrumental or vocal (or a combination thereof), and may contain as many as
8 parts

3. Entries may be submitted by email or through snailmail. There is no
requirement that they be put in period notation (though I do read most forms
of period notation)

4. Entires can be handwritten, or may be produced digitally; if produced
digitally they must be submitted in a non-proprietary format (.pdf .png .bmp
.gif and midi files are all acceptable). The only exception to this rule is
.sib files. I love you all, but I can't judge something I can't open on my

5. Documentation is not required; however, giving me something that
documents your sources, inspiration, and creative process will help me
provide better feedback

6. I will accept multiple entries from a particular person; however only one
must be designated as an actual "competitive" entry. All others will receive
my attention and I will provide feedback on them.

7. The deadline for entries is December 31st

8. Judging will be announced on the Ansteorra list sometime in January
(depending on exactly how many entries I receive), this competition is not
tied to any event, and will be entirely conducted online.

Now, for the good part:

1. After the deadline I will review all entires; I am a musicologist and am
formally trained in historical performance practice. I promise that *I will
give detailed feedback on all entires*, and will do all I can to make my
feedback as practical and useful as I can.

2. I will pick what I consider to be the three best entires (judged on a
holstic concept of period sound, the composer's adventurousness withing the
period aesthetic, and the general musicality of the work) as the "finalists"
of the competition. I will record these three entires (I am a
professional--conservatory trained--recorder player, and have also been
trained as a countertenor), put them on a CD and send a copy of the CD to
the finalists. I will also engrave the music in Sibelius and send copies of
the music along with the CD (multipart works are not a problem, I have all
the equipment I need to record the parts track by track and then combine

3. With permission, I would like to make the recordings of the music
available publicly (via youtube or some other means); nothing will be
announced, commented on, or displayed without the composer's permission

4. If I am able to keep the competition running through several iterations,
I would like to compile a book of submitted compositions and publish it
within the society.

My main goal for this competition is to further music within the kingdom and
provide aspiring musicians with a level of feedback and an arena in which to
experiment and to express their art in a way that is generally unavailable
in regular A&S competitions.

I would like to encourage those who have never tired creating a period
composition, or who have never tried composing before to submit something.
Composers of every skill and style are welcome, I will not turn down any
serious entry; and anything I sent to me will receive feedback.

Along with this competition, I will attempt to teach classes weekly (or as
close to weekly) in Steppes and Elfsea on period composition, period
musicianship, along with a random smattering of general trivia about period
music in general. I will announce the classes once times and dates for them
are set. As things get going, I may choose to start theming the competitions
a little.

I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!

In service,
Alessandro Zorzi

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