[Bards] New "band" Project, kinda OT but some here may be interested

Jeffrey Clark jmclark85 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 13:58:50 PST 2009

I'd love to help, but that's a two hour drive.

On 11/8/09, Baron Wylfred of Morganvayle <bonz6x at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Greetings to all Ansteorran Bard types (and other foreign spies and lurkers,
> here). This post is basically OT Scadian-wise, however, some may be
> interested... so I figured I had to use all resources at my disposal, to
> spread the word, hopefully without actually being a total Spamapotamus.
> It you ever watched the Film, Shakespeare in Love, then you are probably
> familiar with this phrase... "I don't know... It's a mystery..."
> ****************************************************************************************************
> So here's the Spam... I mean the Scoop... err... the Ad... the information.
> ( :: smiles :: )
> ITZA Mystery... (working name for the band)
> NEW (mundane-ish) PROJECT:
> I am in the process now (as of November 2009) of putting together a "niche
> genre band" leaning towards a Piratey-Renaissance-Rock style and Band Image,
> similar to Blackmore’s Night.
> If you are not familiar with Blackmores Night, then follow this link to some
> You Tube Vids:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLXCeDKUkG4
> Band
> Objectives are to develop and record our own original music, AND SELL
> IT, and also develop selected "cover music" for Live Performance at
> Pirate Festivals, Renaissance Fairs, and other selected venues, (perhaps
> even some SCA Wars), etc.
> YEP! We are looking to GET PAID.
> This is NOT a "bar band" in the
> traditional sense of the word. "The Show" (approximately 90 minutes),
> is under development, and will probably consist of about 40% original
> material and 60% "covers", arranged and flavored to suit the "Band
> Image"...
> It is pretty certain that both Acoustic versions and Plugged In versions of
> the MUSIC will be developed (where practical and applicable)... for Live
> performance purposes.
> "WE" are seeking out persons who play all sorts of
> instruments, and or sing. Currently have lined up, a female lead vocal,
> a lead guitar, rhythm/bass (utility player), a keyboard player...
> Still
> looking for additional players to fill in the holes: Percussion
> (traditional hand drums and/or a full kit), pipes, flutes, fiddle,
> mandolin, and any other exotic strange weird instruments as well as
> additional singers for leads/back-ups (male/female). And yes, we may only
> "need you" for Studio Recorded Versions of Original Music, with no further
> commitment on your part, so... let us know what ya play/sing and we can
> determine a participation level.
> As for permanent players...
> 1) Please be 21 years of age or older...
> 2) Possess something beyond "beginner" playing skills... and have good
> quality stage gear.
> 3) You must also have TIME available, for rehearsals and at home practice
> time.
> 4) as well as having reliable transportation (and gas money)...
> 5) AND, you WILL have to "dress the part" for Live Performances.
> Rehearsal
> space is located in North Texas, near Gainesville, IN THE BOONIES.
> Interested parties from OKC and the hinterlands north of me... as well as
> ... UNT (Denton) or the DFW Metro and surrounding areas,
> would have to "travel" for scheduled group rehearsals, on a weekly
> basis. Group Sessions will be held on a Saturday or a Sunday (or
> sometimes both).
> Please make contact HERE, if you are interested or have any further
> questions...
> If you  wish...  YOU have permission to  pass this (email) information along
> to other persons who may be interested, but arrrrgh! not on this Bards list.
> Thanx
> Baron Wylfred...  (also known as Johnny Mutt, among other names...)
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