[Bards] New "band" Project, kinda OT but some here may be interested

Jeffrey Clark jmclark85 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 11:59:22 PST 2009

Baron Wylfred,

I feel that your last message was a rather rude attempt to call me out and
am highly offended. As opposed to taking my statement as a "There is
interest, but I must decline" and as a polite way to decline rather than
just ignoring your message out of hand; you decided to so rudely call me

...fine, I will "flap my lips some more."

My "modern" 95 Taurus already drives around 800 miles a week with my current
obligations. If I came and played with your group, I would possibly be
putting over 1000 miles a week (and, no, I am very much NOT exaggerating on
that number) on my "modern" car. Then there is gas, tolls (as the only
logistically feasible way to get to Gainesville is via the Turnpike) , and
garb (because I am sure my current garb is not suitable); and the need to
make sure that I have enough time off from work to meet your rehearsal

... and all that for the chance to play with a "pirate/renaissance rock
-comprised of random people who I don't know
-who might have a quality show
-who may or may not have the requisate skills, knowledge and training to put
said show together
-led by someone who lacks tact and social grace
-in a setting where there is a doubful chance I might break even on the
money I end up investing.

Then again, the whole thing might fall apart, and I might lose some serious
money, and I will end up wearing out my poor, "modern" car even faster than
I already am.

All easily solvable obstacles and baseless concerns, I know...

Honestly; it is responses like yours which drove me away from Ansteorra five
years ago, and it is that kind of attitude that has prevented me from being
able convince any of my rennie friends from joining the SCA. Every one of my
friends who I have talked to has told me that they have either had a SCAdian
be mean to them, or have heard that the people in the SCA are really mean.
This is why the hospitaler's job is so hard.

As far as your band goes...
I seem to have suddenly lost all interest in the project.

-Alessandro Zoriz (MKA Jeff Clark)

On Mon, Nov 9, 2009 at 4:48 PM, Baron Wylfred of Morganvayle <
bonz6x at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Jeff says: "I'd love to help, but that's a two hour drive."
> Well Jeff... THAT is what modern technology is for... if the Peeps in
> Medieval Times had had it... they would have used it....
> SO...
> Flap your lips some more and lemme know what ya wanna do... Obstacles are
> things that are put in the way to be overcome.... otherwise they have no
> purpose. I just made up that SAGE saying... make any sense to ya?
> Best regards,
> Wylfred
> --- On Mon, 11/9/09, Jeffrey Clark <jmclark85 at gmail.com> wrote:
> From: Jeffrey Clark <jmclark85 at gmail.com>
> Subject: Re: [Bards] New "band" Project, kinda OT but some here may be
>  interested
> To: "Ansteorran Bardic list" <bards at lists.ansteorra.org>
> Date: Monday, November 9, 2009, 3:58 PM
> I'd love to help, but that's a two hour drive.
> On 11/8/09, Baron Wylfred of Morganvayle <bonz6x at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > Greetings to all Ansteorran Bard types (and other foreign spies and
> lurkers,
> > here). This post is basically OT Scadian-wise, however, some may be
> > interested... so I figured I had to use all resources at my disposal, to
> > spread the word, hopefully without actually being a total Spamapotamus.
> >
> > It you ever watched the Film, Shakespeare in Love, then you are probably
> > familiar with this phrase... "I don't know... It's a mystery..."
> >
> ****************************************************************************************************
> > So here's the Spam... I mean the Scoop... err... the Ad... the
> information.
> > ( :: smiles :: )
> >
> > ITZA Mystery... (working name for the band)
> > NEW (mundane-ish) PROJECT:
> > I am in the process now (as of November 2009) of putting together a
> "niche
> > genre band" leaning towards a Piratey-Renaissance-Rock style and Band
> Image,
> > similar to Blackmore’s Night.
> >
> > If you are not familiar with Blackmores Night, then follow this link to
> some
> > You Tube Vids:
> > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLXCeDKUkG4
> >
> > Band
> > Objectives are to develop and record our own original music, AND SELL
> > IT, and also develop selected "cover music" for Live Performance at
> > Pirate Festivals, Renaissance Fairs, and other selected venues, (perhaps
> > even some SCA Wars), etc.
> > YEP! We are looking to GET PAID.
> >
> > This is NOT a "bar band" in the
> > traditional sense of the word. "The Show" (approximately 90 minutes),
> > is under development, and will probably consist of about 40% original
> > material and 60% "covers", arranged and flavored to suit the "Band
> > Image"...
> >
> > It is pretty certain that both Acoustic versions and Plugged In versions
> of
> > the MUSIC will be developed (where practical and applicable)... for Live
> > performance purposes.
> >
> > "WE" are seeking out persons who play all sorts of
> > instruments, and or sing. Currently have lined up, a female lead vocal,
> > a lead guitar, rhythm/bass (utility player), a keyboard player...
> >
> > Still
> > looking for additional players to fill in the holes: Percussion
> > (traditional hand drums and/or a full kit), pipes, flutes, fiddle,
> > mandolin, and any other exotic strange weird instruments as well as
> > additional singers for leads/back-ups (male/female). And yes, we may only
> > "need you" for Studio Recorded Versions of Original Music, with no
> further
> > commitment on your part, so... let us know what ya play/sing and we can
> > determine a participation level.
> >
> > As for permanent players...
> > 1) Please be 21 years of age or older...
> > 2) Possess something beyond "beginner" playing skills... and have good
> > quality stage gear.
> > 3) You must also have TIME available, for rehearsals and at home practice
> > time.
> > 4) as well as having reliable transportation (and gas money)...
> > 5) AND, you WILL have to "dress the part" for Live Performances.
> >
> > Rehearsal
> > space is located in North Texas, near Gainesville, IN THE BOONIES.
> > Interested parties from OKC and the hinterlands north of me... as well as
> > ... UNT (Denton) or the DFW Metro and surrounding areas,
> > would have to "travel" for scheduled group rehearsals, on a weekly
> > basis. Group Sessions will be held on a Saturday or a Sunday (or
> > sometimes both).
> >
> > Please make contact HERE, if you are interested or have any further
> > questions...
> >
> > If you  wish...  YOU have permission to  pass this (email) information
> along
> > to other persons who may be interested, but arrrrgh! not on this Bards
> list.
> > Thanx
> > Baron Wylfred...  (also known as Johnny Mutt, among other names...)
> >
> >
> >
> >
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