[Bards] The Ultimate Cymry and Western Song

Peter Schorn peterschorn at pdq.net
Mon Nov 23 08:41:17 PST 2009

I heard my good friend Catrin ferch Maelgwyn perform a lovely song at
Bordermarch Melees this year.

And many people said it was the Ultimate Cymry and Western song.

But upon reflection I concluded that it was not the Ultimate Cymry and
Western song.

Because it had nothing in it about:

Drinking mead
Or your liege-lord
Or fighting the Saxons
Or the size of your retinue
Or the Hounds of Annwn

So after due consideration I decided to rectify these omissions.

And with the addition of this final verse, I believe that it is now, indeed,
the Ultimate Cymry and Western song:

I'uz drinkin' mead
The day my liege-lord
Took on the Saxons,
So I went
To meet with him
At the front;
But before I could get
To the battle
With my re-ti-nue,
He got swept up
By the Wild Hunt...

So I'll stand around as long as you will let me,
And I never minded singin' in the rain:
No you don't have to call me Cadfan ap Morgan
Y'never even called me by my naaaaaammmme!

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