[Bards] Steppes Bardic Competition at Steppes Warlord, matters of France

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Thu Apr 22 18:37:07 PDT 2010

I found my books on this subject today
Traditional the "matters of France" are broken up this way
Chansons of Charlemagne and his Knights which only the "Song of Roland" has survived. Some would count the Norse " Saga of Karl Magus" as part of the "matters of France" because the Saga was taken from stories we no longer have in France.
There are the tales of Ogier the Dane which are included in the Charlemagne cycle. 
The Chansons of William Curtnose or William of Orange are the next branch. These included all the tales of his family. There are supposed to over 25 chansons in this section but I have only found 5 translated. The tales of Vivian are in this set. 
Then there are the "traitor Baron" cycle. I don't know what is included in this cycle.
Write me and I will give you the names of the books you can find some of these stories in.
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