[Bards] ffynnon gaths up coming event

Svan Coldbrowskaldsson ldsvan at gmail.com
Thu Aug 12 15:01:45 PDT 2010

Greetings to all bards, tale weavers and skalds,   In oct ffynnon gath
is hosting a grand event. I ask all of the bardic,skaldic types to
come. I think it will be a titled competition and after 20 years as
their titled bard ( is there a kingdom record here?) I would like to
see that they got the best to follow my lengthy tho meager efforts
(ok, those that know me know humility is NOT my best suit) . Come
bards, come battle skalds ( yes it is a fighting event also) , come
brewers ( oh please come especially if you make mead....meaaaad
drooooool...) come artisans to show your skill , and come all others
who without you we would preform unto ourselves. So there you have it.
My request on behalf of these most noteworthy people.  H.L. Svan

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