[Bards] Bards own you all. YA SRSLY.

Peter Schorn peterschorn at pdq.net
Sat Feb 6 17:59:45 PST 2010


'It isn't just visual cues that have this sort of effect. Matthew McGlone, a
psychologist at the University of Texas, has found that auditory cues can
shape people's perception of truth. McGlone did a study in which he
presented subjects with a series of unfamiliar aphorisms either in rhyming
or nonrhyming form: "Woes unite foes," for example, versus "Woes unite
enemies." He found that people tended to see the rhyming ones as more
accurate than the nonrhyming ones, despite the fact that, substantively, the
two were identical. Phrases that are easier on the ear aren't just catchy
and easy to remember, McGlone argues, they also feel inherently truer. He
calls it "the rhyme-as-reason effect."'

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