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  My understanding is that Sir Balthazar of Endor wrote "The Rising of the
Star," not Count Sir Finn Kelly.
  I would add "Stand, Brother Stand" by Eleanor Fairchild, now a Laurel of
Ealdormere to this list of fine Ansteorran pieces.

Brian O'hUilliam

On Sun, Jan 3, 2010 at 12:09 PM, Peter Schorn <peterschorn at pdq.net> wrote:

> In period, the Matter of Britain was the collected prose tales of King
> Arthur. They were given their best-known form by Mallory, but they existed
> long before then as separate stories and poems.
> In period, the Matter of France was the collected prose tales of
> Charlemagne
> and his Paladins.  They were given their best-known form by Ariosto, but
> they, also, existed long before then as separate stories and poems.
> It seems to me that after thirty years as a Kingdom, we have the beginnings
> of the Matter of Ansteorra.  Not as prose tales collected and written down
> by a single author, but as the raw material that period authors used in
> making such collections: individual stories, poems, and songs, definitive
> of
> their kingdoms and their people.
> Here is a list of what I think the Matter of Ansteorra includes.  It is not
> a complete list, but it is not intended to be. It is my own roll of those
> pieces which, I feel, sing of Ansteorra to the world:
> 1) Pieces written by SCA members:
> _The Rising of the Star_, by Count Sir Finn Kelly O'Donnel, OL
> "Karelia's Song", by Master Iolo Fitzowen, OL
> _Chanson d'Ansteorra_, by Master Cadfan ap Morgan y Godrudd, OL
> "Born on the Listfield", by Master Ivar Battleskald, MA
> _The Baron_, by Baron Don Robin of Gilwell, OP, OL
> 2) Nonperiod pieces written in period style by nonmembers:
> _The Death-Lay of Bowie Gizzardsbane_, by John Myers Myers
> 3) Period pieces:
> _Sir Orfeo_, anonymous 14th-century English, as translated by Professor J.
> R. R. Tolkien, CBE
> These are all that occur to me at the moment.  Fellow bards, what would ye
> add?
> --Cadfan
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