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   I also find this to be an interesting topic.
  When I started putting together the Ansteorra History
Wiki<http://historian.ansteorra.org/wiki>My intent was to include
Stories and Poems from and about our history, but
haven't really followed up on that.  Our history is reflected as much, if
not more. in our stories and songs as it is in dates and events.
   If you have written pieces that you feel tell about our history, and you
are willing to have them included in the history, please consider logging in
to the wiki and addign them, or ig you do not know how to edit a wiki, (it's
not difficult), and don't want to take the time to learn, you could send
things to me along with permission to publish, and I will post them for
you.  You can post things to the wiki and still retain copyright to them,
and if requested I can lock an entry to prevent it being edited.
   Please don't post anything that will get you or I in trouble with the
copyright police.

Robert Fitzmorgan
Kingdom Historian

On Sun, Jan 3, 2010 at 12:09 PM, Peter Schorn <peterschorn at pdq.net> wrote:

> In period, the Matter of Britain was the collected prose tales of King
> Arthur. They were given their best-known form by Mallory, but they existed
> long before then as separate stories and poems.
> In period, the Matter of France was the collected prose tales of
> Charlemagne
> and his Paladins.  They were given their best-known form by Ariosto, but
> they, also, existed long before then as separate stories and poems.
> It seems to me that after thirty years as a Kingdom, we have the beginnings
> of the Matter of Ansteorra.  Not as prose tales collected and written down
> by a single author, but as the raw material that period authors used in
> making such collections: individual stories, poems, and songs, definitive
> of
> their kingdoms and their people.
> Here is a list of what I think the Matter of Ansteorra includes.  It is not
> a complete list, but it is not intended to be. It is my own roll of those
> pieces which, I feel, sing of Ansteorra to the world:
> 1) Pieces written by SCA members:
> _The Rising of the Star_, by Count Sir Finn Kelly O'Donnel, OL
> "Karelia's Song", by Master Iolo Fitzowen, OL
> _Chanson d'Ansteorra_, by Master Cadfan ap Morgan y Godrudd, OL
> "Born on the Listfield", by Master Ivar Battleskald, MA
> _The Baron_, by Baron Don Robin of Gilwell, OP, OL
> 2) Nonperiod pieces written in period style by nonmembers:
> _The Death-Lay of Bowie Gizzardsbane_, by John Myers Myers
> 3) Period pieces:
> _Sir Orfeo_, anonymous 14th-century English, as translated by Professor J.
> R. R. Tolkien, CBE
> These are all that occur to me at the moment.  Fellow bards, what would ye
> add?
> --Cadfan
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