[Bards] Needing teachers in Northkeep

willowjonbardc at juno.com willowjonbardc at juno.com
Sun Jan 24 17:57:11 PST 2010

M'Lord premier Bard.and all my fellow bards
I need some help. Some of my teachers ended up with a important mundane activity they have to go to and they were my strong singers I really need some strong singers to help me the sing a long in the evening and with with teaching songs to the populace during the day. I don't need great voices just good enough to lead the singing. If you can help please contact as soon as you can.
Also we need teachers  the more the merrier . We have some real good bards that are willing to teach higher level things if people would be interested. What kind of classes would you be interested in ?
Someone suggested , Where is the cut off  level for a jester? How to tell that you have gone too far and what to do? 
 What are the duties of a King or Queen or sitting B/B bard?
What are the problems performers face when going for an Laurel?? Or how come it seems so hard for some very good performers to get a Laurel? 
Why should not we use satire? It is period
How can we show our research without entering competitions?
Do any of these subject tickle your fancy. What classes would you like to see?
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