[Bards] Chanson de Zevon:

Peter Schorn peterschorn at pdq.net
Wed May 12 18:44:32 PDT 2010

(Tune: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhRRWwH3Fro )

Roland was a warrior
>From the land of the Sable Star
With a bastard sword for hire
Strapped atop his car;
He sold his steel in Stargate
On a dark and stormy day
So he set out for the Eastrealm
To join the bloody fray...

Through A.S. Twelve and Thirteen
They fought the Pennsic War
With their heels upon the Tuchux--
Knee-deep in Gor.
For days and nights they battled--
The Tyger took his licks--
They fought for fame and honor,
But mostly to pick up chicks.

Roland the Bastard Swordsman
Roland the Bastard Swordsman

His comrades fought beside him
Sir Owain and the rest,
But of all the bastard-swordsman
Roland was the best,
'Til Sir Owain lost his right arm, and used his left instead:
He tried an off-hand round-shot
And took off Roland's head.

Roland the Bastard Swordsman (Time, time, time, time) 
('Til the taverns close their doors)
Ansteorra's son (Time stands still for Roland) 
('Til he evens up the score!)
They can still see his headless body
Stalking through the night
In the moonlight-flash of Roland's bastard sword
In the moonlight-flash of Roland's bastard sword 

Roland searched the Pennsic camp
For the klutz who done the deed:
He found him on the Runsestone
In a tavern drinking mead.
Roland drew his bastard sword
He didn't say a word
But he kicked Sir Owain's _tuchis_
>From there back to Bjornsborg.

Roland the Headless Bastard Swordsman!
Roland the Headless Bastard Swordsman!
Roland the Headless Bastard Swordsman!
(Talkin' about the man!)
Roland the Headless Bastard Swordsman!

The Eternal Bastard Swordsman
Still wandering through the night,
It's thirty--eight years later
And he still keeps up the fight:
In Atenveldt and An Tir
In Aethelmarc and Lochac:
Inman flashed
Lotsa cash
At Roland's bastard sword
And bought it...

--Cadfan ap Morgan, Excitable Bard.

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