[Bards] Bardic at Eldern's Samhain!

Robert Atwood rob at mummersguild.com
Tue Oct 12 17:38:12 PDT 2010

Greetings unto the Ambassadors of the Dream, the Bards of Ansteorra!

Once again it is time for a new Titled Bard to be chosen for the Barony of the Eldern Hills.  It has been my distinct honor to serve in that capacity for the past year; the people of Eldern are gracious and good to their champions.  Now it is time for someone else to take up the staff and follow a long, long list of greater bards than I to have had this honor!  

As is traditional, the format of this competition will be as follows:

One Story.

One Poem.

One Song.

One amazing journey.  Bards are invited to prove their mettle by bringing their best pieces, so long as they conform to the general theme of Samhain or are Celtic in nature.  The competition will begin at two in the afternoon.

Since this is an open (and well-attended) competition, it is strongly recommended that pieces be no longer than five minutes each. 

 Yours in Joyful Service to the Realm and the Dream,

Ld. Robert o' the Faire

...who currently has the honor of being the Titled Bard of Eldern Hills

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