[Bards] Bardic at Bryn Gwlad's Celebration of Virtue

Barbara Gilbert kezia at pbgilbert.net
Sun Oct 17 20:02:15 PDT 2010


Over the years, I have witnessed amazing tales and feats of bardic.

One night a Crusading Knight came to our bardic fire. He told of how 
important it was to go on the Crusades. Then he slowly pulled out his 
sword, knelt beside it and prayed in Latin.

A man traveling with merchants along the silk road told of a silver
smith that was ordered by the Empire to make a bell with perfect pitch
and tone. The problem was to make such a bell required a blood sacrifice.

I remember songs sang that made you cry and laugh. Once a man played a
bagpipe outside the circle in the shadows. The eerie sound was
heard drifting on the wind.

At the bardic camp, the surrounding area is dark, you only see faces of 
people sitting around a circle focusing on different travelers near the 
soft light of the fire. Here characters come to life and are real in 
this place and time.

I invite all characters come tell us of your travels and minstrels to 
make us laugh and cry. Come to the Bardic Circle at the Bryn Gwlad Fall 
Event Celebration of Virtue on October 30th.

In Service,
H.E. Kibarta Kezia

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