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For the first round, does "period piece" also include pieces in period style?

Also, with the Box of Doom being reduced to only 4 topics, is it necessary to 
have a lunch break scheduled in between rounds?  I'd suspect more performers 
will be coming armed with a piece for each theme in advance, and so probably 
won't need a long break to see what they have in their repertoire to suit a 
topic (which is more likely when there are numerous topics in the Box of Doom).  
I also don't know how other performers feel about eating before/during a 
performance, but I tend to perfer eating after I'm done. :)



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Greetings.  Eisteddfod will soon be upon us.  It will be held in
conjunction with. Steppes 12th night. On Saturday Jan. 7th.  The exact
time will be posted on the event website.

Here is the format that will be used.  There will be 3 rounds

1st round.  Period piece.  Documentation strongly suggested

2nd round.  Sca or Ansteorra specific piece

3rd round. Box of Doom.  After the 1st round each competitor will pull a
subject from a box.  The performance piece will be in some way related to
the topic.  A list of potential topics will be published closer to the

An overall score of all pieces and their Majesties choices will determine
the victor.

It has been an honor serving as your Premier Bard. I look forward to seeing
the next Bard.

Premier Bard.
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