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> I am working out the legal disclaimer for the wiki.   but IMHO as long
> as every  attempt is made to document the songs and writers with a
> link to request removal of pages we should be legal.  Because this is
> a wiki there is a different set of disclaimers that have to go up
> (Comments posted do not reflect upon the SCA corpora yada yada yada)
    Being on the Kingdom server, the standard you have to meet goes quite a
bit beyond just not running afoul of copyright law.  The SCA corporate
mindset isn't just be be sure that if someone tries to sue us for copyright
infringement that we would win, their goal seems to be to try and guarantee
that no one would even think about, maybe, someday, consider, perhaps,
trying to sue us.   You can't be guided just by copyright and fair use
considerations.  You are probably ok to let people upload anything that they
personally own the rights to, anything else and you will likely need to have
a signed, paper waiver in your files.   So far I haven't been required to
get waivers from people posting to the wiki, but that could change.
   How the SCA web minister guidelines are to be applied to Wikis on SCA
servers, especially as they concern waivers, is not very clear.  To be
honest I prefer that it stay that way.  If they ever get around to
clarifying this area I don't expect to be very happy with the result, based
on past experience.  Though to be fair they did finally inject some common
sense into the policy on model waivers.



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