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This is exactly the reason why I'm not planning on competing this time -- I
know it will be seriously difficult for me to get down to Bordermarch, which
means that doing the travel component will be even more difficult. Until I
get back active again to a higher degree and get enough contacts to be able
to get around to places, I'm sitting them out.
The secondary reason is that I need to get back into the swing of SCA bardic
before I try to compete in a major competition.

Herr Marcus Il Volpé 

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>Whoot!  Im in Weisenfeuer - and new to the area (from Antir) can I still
compete or is this just for Eisteddfod?

Eisteddfod is simply the Welsh word for a bardic competition. Kingdom
Eisteddfod chooses the Premier Bard of Ansteorra for a year. You may compete
if you will commit to doing the job - traveling around the kingdom,
performing, telling tales to inspire Ansteorrans, telling of the greatness
of Ansteorra and her people, encouraging and rewarding Ansteorran bards,

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin

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>Greetings Performers of Ansteorra!
>It is with great pleasure that I announce the format for Eisteddfod, 
>which will be held at Kingdom A&S in the Barony of Bordermarch on 
>February 9th, 2013. We are doing something a bit different this year, 
>with regards to holding this championship in conjunction with Kingdom 
>A&S, but I hope you will all enjoy and take advantage of the 
>opportunity it will present to you. At this event, you will have the 
>opportunity to compete in Eisteddfod, Kingdom A&S (as a performance 
>entry), or BOTH, with one of your pieces (as outlined below). The 
>Kingdom MOAS, Mistress Melisenda, and I have come up with the following
joint plan to accomodate Eisteddfod and performance entries in Kingdom A&S.
>If you wish to compete in Kingdom A&S as a performance entry, you will 
>need to sign in with the Kingdom A&S registry ON SITE, and you will 
>also be required to submit your documentation no later than January 
>26th by sending it to the Kingdom MOAS via postal mail or email at 
>moas at ansteorra.org. You will also need to sign in with the Premier Bard 
>ON SITE, to be added to the performance schedule.
>If you wish to compete in Eisteddfod, you will need to sign in with the 
>Premier Bard ONSITE, and are encouraged to email the Premier Bard by 
>January 26th to notify him of your intent to compete (so we can 
>approximate schedule times). His
>email address is alden_drake at sbcglobal.net. Documentation (5 copies 
>please) should be given to the Premier Bard when you sign in.
>If you wish to compete in both Kingdom A&S (performance entry) AND 
>Eisteddfod, you will need to do BOTH of the above.
>The performances will begin at 10:00am. Make sure you plan to be onsite 
>early enough to warm up.
>EISTEDDFOD format shall be as follows:
>Round 1 - Audience Participation
>The bards are asked to perform a piece that is a sing-along or some 
>other piece to include audience participation, or teaching. Not all 
>bards are singers, so other forms of performance should somehow get the
audience involved.
>Round 2 - Period/Period Style
>For this round, written documentation for your piece is required. It 
>can be a period piece, or a post-period piece written in period style. 
>NOTE: If you are competing in Kingdom A&S as a performer, this piece 
>will be judged for both competitions.
>Round 3 - Bard's Choice
>Each bard is asked to bring their show-stopper piece.
>KINGDOM A&S (Performances) shall be held in the same location as 
>Eisteddfod, and
>to accomodate the Laurels judging performances, shall be scheduled at 
>specific times during the Eisteddfod competition. If you are competing 
>in only Kingdom A&S, your scheduled performance time may fall during 
>any of the three Eisteddfod
>If you have any questions about Eisteddfod, please email 
>alden_drake at sbcglobal.net.
>If you have any questions about Kingdom A&S, please email
moas at ansteorra.org.
>Thank you all and I look forward to enjoying the wonderful performances 
>this kingdom has to offer.
>With a song in my heart,
>Alden Drake
>Premier Bard

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