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I recommend that we be as specific as possible. "[T]o support, encourage, and promote performing" is a pretty phrase, but what does it mean? You could use the same words to describe that duties of each local MoAS, or any performing Laurel, or even those of an Iris or Thistle. Supporting, encouraging and promoting are goals; what are the actual actions that will support, encourage, and promote?

I'm not picking on Alden - we need to know what the goals are before we work out the actions. But once we accept that the Premier Bard needs to support the performers, that doesn't help him to do so, separate from some actual concrete suggestions.

We're bards; we should be able to come up with the right clear, concrete words.

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin

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>Greetings bards and patrons of the list!
>It is such an honor and privilage that I greet you all as the new Premier Bard 
>of Ansteorra.  I apologize for the delay in doing so, but I wanted to give some 
>thought to the role I've been honored with.  To me, holding the title of Premier 
>Bard comes with a duty to support, encourage, and promote performing, as well as 
>teaching the bardic arts to all who show interest.  In addition, I would like to 
>encourage the bards of Ansteorra to come back together in the enjoyment of our 
>arts; to foster a sense of fellowship among performers.
>But my thoughts and opinions are just those of one person.  That I might better 
>serve you and our community, I would like your input.  What do you see is the 
>role of the Premier Bard, and what can we do as a community to come together to 
>share our arts?
>Yours in service,
>Alden Drake

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